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49 Lighting Design Consultants was established in 2003. Since then, we have been placing great importance on integration of light and architectural space seamlessly. We aim to be the complement of 49GROUP to provide the comprehensive services to the clients, covering a wide range of activities related to the architectural design profession.


Our Approach

We constantly seek the way to maintain lighting humble and subtle but keep the maximum effects to evoke the sensibility for architectural space perception.

How to integrate lighting into space and enhance the identity of the project is not only what we concern, but also carefully concern about functionality for predicted activities and also maintenance and energy efficiency issues as well.


Our Work

We provide lighting consultancy services for architecture and other allied design disciplines, interior and landscape. It also covers a wide range of building types, from large scale complex to private residences. We communicate idea through sketches, presentations and images. While in documentation process, we prepare coordination drawings and fixture specifications for main designers to integrate them into their construction drawings.